Cuban Capitol Café

at Havana Mix





Cuban Bread (3) / $5.50

Toasted Cuban bread topped with smoked sausage, melted Swiss cheese and green chili sauce

Wings (6) / $6.50 or (12) / $11.50

Seasoned chicken drummies, buttermilk dressing, sweet hot chili sauce and carrots

Cuban Bread (3) / $5.50

Crisp chips topped with Cuban pulled pork, rice, black beans, melted cheese and peppers

Wings (6) / $6.50 or (12) / $11.50

Wings, nachos, Cuban bread and dips for sharing



Sandwiches & Salad

All sandwiches served toasted on sweet Cuban roll with yellow rice, black beans and slaw ($2 as a side)


Grilled Cheese / $8.50

Swiss and Cheddar, tomato, pickled peppers and Mojo mayo

Classic Cuban Sandwich / $9.50

Roast pork shoulder, sliced smoked ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard spread

Avocado, Cheese and Black Bean / $9.50

Avocado, two cheeses, tomato, black beans, pickled peppers and Mojo mayo

Grilled Ham & Cheese / $9.50

Sliced smoked ham, two cheeses, avocado, tomato and Mojo mayo

Chicken Cubano / $9.50

Mildly spiced smoked sausage, swiss cheese, tomato, green chili sauce

Chef's Salad / $9.50

Chopped romaine lettuce with sliced ham, chicken, tomato and avocado with toast and buttermilk dressing





Coffee/Tea (sweet or un-sweetened)/Coca-Cola Products / $2.25

Cuban Coffee / $2.50




Havana Mix offers delectable chocolate truffles, freshly prepared by Comfit Truffles


Chocolate Truffle

Do you love your chocolate to be loaded with hazelnuts or almonds? Maybe peanuts, or even walnuts? If so, this supple beauty is the delectable treat your mouth has been watering for. It has all the types of nuts mentioned above, balanced with a dreamy-smooth chocolate texture.

Coconut Truffle

Warning! If your sweets fetish involves coconut, this truffle will become absolutely irresistible to your taste buds. It is virtually loaded with coconut shavings, juxtaposed by creamy and rich white chocolate. Oh, and the whole roasted hazelnut inside simply makes this truffle a flavor-charged mini planet of sweet goodness.

Peanut Butter Truffle

The chocolate & peanut butter combination is a well-loved one-two punch of flavors. Our take on this tasty mix makes it that much more special. Comfit's smooth rich chocolate blends into the creamy peanut butter and there is a surprise twist in the center of the truffle.

Double Chocolate Truffle

This explosive truffle is loaded with chocolate. And the two separate kinds you will encounter when you bite into it, are both smooth and rich, yet discernibly different in texture and even taste. Coated with cocoa powder.